Best Practices

Activity/Best Practice


Awareness drive on use of medicinal plants

The Economics Department, Horticulture Department in collaboration with Botany Department are creating awareness through their research projects, publications, and paper presentations in seminars, meetings, etc.

Support Offered to Office

Yes, support is offered to office. The office staff are trained through academic cell & JKC platforms in CFMS.

Measurement of dimensions of the college buildings

Yes,students of MPC stream are measuring the dimensions of the college buildingsunder the guiadance of  Department of Mathematics

Capacity Building Programmes

Staff members all are in OC’s & RC’s, Workshops, Seminars in their respective subjects & training is also given in the college through IQAC

Constitution of student Quality Circle for getting feedback on quality of teaching, infrastructural facilities etc.

Student Quality Circle was already constituted and for every 6 months the feedback is taken on the teaching and infrastructural facilities. The feedback is reviewed thoroughly and necessary correction will be made.

Decentralized governance through working in groups/committees

The Decentralized governance is already under implementation through various committees such as Restructured courses Committee, Student Union, Library committee, Games & Sports Committee, , IQAC, CPDC, UGC, Red Ribbon Club, Women Empowerment Cell, Grievance Redressal Cell, Green Club, Alumni, Cultural Committee, etc.

Educating one illiterate adult by one student

Yes, this exercise is being done by the students by NSS Volunteers.

& strengthening of IQAC

Fully strengthened with UGC funds

Experiential learning

Yes, offering in Science departments

Feedback from academic peers/ Students

Feedback from students and academic peers annually.

Growing medicinal plants in College Botanical garden

The Department of Botany & Horticulture is growing Medicinal plants in Botanical garden in the college premises.

Initiate a scheme of best student award

Yes, Giving Endowment prizes

More endowment/Cash prizes for students

Yes, giving Endowment prizes Declared by M.L.A, Paderu

Participatory learning methods using ICT Tools like Kahoot & Plickers


Unleashing potential through nourishing employable skills

Yes, JKC/ELL team.

Presentation of Saplings in place of bouquets

Through Green Club &Nss Units, the practice of presenting saplings in place of bouquets is being followed for the last two years.

Project based learning, learning with advanced equipment.

Yes, some departments are giving project & teaching through ICT

Regular publication of college magazine

Yes, Publication of College Magazine is in vogue

Strengthening Alumni Association for its more participation

Registered Alumni, striving for further strengthening.

Strengthening of personal counseling

Yes, mentoring system is in existence

SWOT analysis for every year for quality sustenance & Implementation

Yes, implementing

Use of You-Tube as teaching tool

Yes, this practice is already under implementation by the Mana TV Committee in a few subjects and it will be spread over to the rest of the departments subsequently.

Weekly Students assembly for exchange of innovative ideas, providing information on college activities and competitions outside.

This is being organized every Wednesday of the week from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm in the college Seminar Hall to review the activities of the college and to provide information on the competitions outside the college.