About the Campus

The college started functioning with two rooms. In due course it developed its own campus in serene atmosphere in an extent of 27 acres with Permanent buildings in a plinth area of 2580 sq. m. The construction work was executed by the Tribal Welfare Engineering Department. The new building block of seven class rooms was inaugurated by Sri. K. Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy, the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on 02-09-1994. Smt. D. Mary Vijaya Kumari, Hon’ble Member of Parliament provided 9.50 lakh from M.P. Lads funds in the year 2001 for the construction of Computer Lab and she has inaugurated the Lab on 6th April 2001. The Hon’ble Director of Higher Education has sanctioned 3 lakh towards the construction of 3 rooms on the first floor during the year 2003. Smt. M. Mani Kumari, Former Tribal Welfare Minister of the state of A.P., brought 35 lakh Government funds for construction of another 11 rooms.The construction of these class rooms was completed by R&B Department during the academic year 2004-05. Another 10.5 lakh were sanctioned from Government funds by Dr. K. Lakshminarayana, the Hon’ble Commissioner of Higher Education for renovation works.

Campus revamping under RUSA 2.0

During the summer of 2018, the college has sucessfully submitted institutional Development plan (IDP) and was short listed for RUSA 2.0. Subsequently, a Detailed Project Report (DPR) was submitted and was upgraded to Model Degree College under RUSA 2.0. The college received 400 lakhs for i) the Construction of New Buildings ii) Renovation of existing buildings and iii) Augmentation of infrastructural facilities.

Campus Photo

New building consisting of 12 Additional Class Rooms are constructed with ST Sub- plan grant.At present, it has a sprawling campus with five independent blocks. The College has a sprawling campus of 27.23 acres. The college is located on both sides of BT Road going towards Bus Stand, Paderu.

Existing facilities
Block 1- consisting of 2 floors
a) GROUND FLOOR : 6 class Rooms, 1 MANA TV and 2 toilets
b) FIRST FLOOR: 5 science labs, 1 JKC lab, 1 Commerce lab and staff room
BLOCK 2- Consisting 2 floors
a) GROUND FOOR: 6 Class rooms, 1 seminar hall to accomodate 200 students
b) FIRST FLOOR: 3 Class rooms
BLOCK 3-Single floor: Library, 1 class room, 4 toilets
BLOCK 4-Administrative Block
a) Principals office, Ministerial office, Examination cell
b) Dr BR Ambedkar O.U office
c) Distance Education, A.U office
d) Computer Science lab
e) Gymnasium
f) NSS office
BLOCK 5- HOSTEL (In the Campus)
ST boys Hostel
** One more hostel for ST women is located outside the campus.
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